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Created in 2007, Recyc-Mattresses is a Montreal, QC based company that is finding innovative solutions for recycling used mattresses and box springs.

Being concerned for the environment, Eric Castro and Pascal Cohen, co-founders of the company, quickly realized that the disposal of old mattresses makes for a serious challenge, seeing as their number keeps getting bigger and bigger. They learned quite regretfully that no ecological policy exists for used mattresses and box springs. This lead them to look into new alternatives to wasting the recyclable materials found in mattresses, such as plastic and aluminum, by creating Recyc-Mattresses.

Recyc-matelas 1
Recyc-matelas 2
After only a few years, the environmental impact is obvious. Over 300 000 mattresses had already been recycled.


Mattress manufacturers and retailers, as well as politicians, are now more concerned with this issue than ever. More and more citizens are bringing their old mattresses to us, or are asking local politicians to follow Recyc-Mattresses’ initiative.

Recyc-Quebec, the city of Montreal, the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs, a great number of cities and European organizations support Recyc-Mattresses.

The company’s renown has now spread abroad. Recyc-Mattresses is well established in Toronto, South Florida and in the suburbs of Paris. The upcoming opening of a new branch in Calgary will allow Recyc-Mattresses to expand their activities in the Canadian West.
Environment Phenix Awards 2009

Recyc-Mattresses, 2009 finalist

"Residual matter management" Category
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"An old mattress, not that easy to bury"
An old mattress, not that easy to bury

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