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Charity Program

Our mattress donation program is subject to certain conditions .

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Service to Citizens

Instead of sending your old mattress to a landfill, think of recycling it.

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Welcome to Recyc-Mattresses

"We recycle, so you can sleep easy."

  • Over millions of mattresses are sent to landfills each year throughout the world.
  • One single mattress takes decades to decompose.
  • No more sending old mattresses to landfills, now is the time to recycle.
  • Recyc-Mattresses has found an innovative, long-lasting and ecological solution.
  • Over 300 000 mattresses have been recycled since they were founded in 2007.

Environment Phenix Awards 2009

Recyc-Mattresses, 2009 finalist

"Residual matter management" Category
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"An old mattress, not that easy to bury"
An old mattress, not that easy to bury

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